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July 2015
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The Nonino sisters are the brains and the brawn behind the entire Nonino empire; a dynamic portfolio of high-quality distillates and one of the few old-world operations to aptly anticipate the cocktail movement and embrace it with open arms. Their products are not only top-notch, but the labeling is also stylish, modern, and classy—offering a sophistication and intelligence that matches their carefully-crafted flavor. The Nonino sisters—and their spirits—are the total package. On Thursday morning (early because of the time difference—hence my rather scratchy, unenergetic voice) I sat down with Elisabetta and Antonella Nonino for a lovely phone conversation about Italian spirits. Listen to us talk about amaro history, the excitement of the mixology scene, and what makes the Nonino products more elegant and delicious than any other Italian spirit on the market.

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George Grant, the owner of Glenfarclas distillery, calls in for a brief chat and talks about growing up around a family-owned whisky business, the benefits of remaining small, and why certain vintages of Glenfarclas can taste different than others.

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With the American launch of Kavalan Taiwanese whiskey imminent, I thought it was time for you to meet one of the nicest guys in the whisky business: Ian Chang, the master blender and whisky creator for Kavalan. We've been super impressed with the precociousness of the Kavalan single malts here at K&L and I finally carved out some time to Skype with Ian and break down exactly why these whiskies taste so good. Come learn a little more about the next big thing in the world of whisky.

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Bruichladdich CEO Simon Coughlin talks openly about the sale of the industry's beloved independent distillery, how very little has changed since the Remy takeover, and how paying your employees on time is one of the great benefits of corporate ownership.

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Lou Palatella is not only a football icon, he's a liquor legend in the California distribution business. Approaching his 81st birthday, Lou is still going strong, running his Campeon tequila company. He's a natural storyteller and he has a lot of fun memories about the old days of whiskey in the U.S. Listen to Lou as he talks about turning down Vince Lombardi's offer to play at Green Bay, the decline of Bourbon in the face of vodka, and drinking on Pappy Van Winkle's porch.

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David Suro moved to the United States in the mid-1980s and opened a now-legendary restaurant in Philadelphia called Tequilas. Since then, he has become the owner of his own brand, Siembra Azul, and helped to develop serious academic research into the agricultural side of tequila production, as well as the history. He is one of the most-connected and knowledgable sources of agave spirits in the world and is a key figure in the modern idea of tequila as a terroir-based beverage. Listen to him talk geography, production, and the possibility of changing the world's known history of distillation. It's quite a conversation.

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The man behind Glenmorangie and Ardbeg talks shop on the new Ealanta, upcoming releases for both distilleries, and the pressure of constantly trying to outdo last year's whisky.

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Tim Morrison, former owner of Morrison-Bowmore and current owner of the independent label A.D. Rattray, talks about the whisky glut of the early 80's, the closure of Port Ellen, and the future of sourcing single barrel whisky.

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In November of 2011, Rachel Barrie, who had been celebrated for her role in creating the Uideadail and Corryvreckan single malts, left Ardbeg Distillery and moved over to Morrison-Bowmore. Now in charge of Bowmore's whisky creation, as well as Glen Garioch and Auchentoshan, Rachel has an entirely different palate of colors from which to paint. Listen as she discusses the memories and moments that each whisky represents to her, how whisky is inevitably linked to a place and time, and how slowing down and enjoying each of these moments eventually helps us all become better tasters.

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After a long absence, the KLSJ Podcast returns with Four Roses Master Distiller Jim Rutledge, who discuses the current corn shortage in the midwest, GMO corn vs. non-GMO with distillation, large barrels vs. small barrels, and why he thinks Bourbon peaks at about ten years of age.

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